Mariusz Kramarz

composer, arranger

About me

I work with the inCanto Foundation, Cracow Baroque Consort vocal ensemble, Fryderyk Chopin National Primary and Secondary Music School in Nowy Targ, W. Żeleński National Secondary Music School in Cracow, the National Forum of Music, the Passionart Association and the Polihymnia publishing house.

I'm a graduate of the Academy of Music in Cracow. Organist at the Basilica of the Divine Tomb in Miechów. My work focuses mainly on sacred and liturgical music, I compose pieces for various performances, ranging from a cappella choirs, through chamber ensembles to large vocal-instrumental forms.

At the end of 2020, the album "Pocieszycielka Strapionych" was released, which consists of eight a cappella Marian songs, a mass for choir and string quartet, an arrangement of the Litany of Loreto for choir and string quartet as well as the elaboration of Supplication for male choir, cello and tom-tom.


Kto się w opiekę

For mixed choir, 2021

Wariacje g-moll

For solo piano, 2021

Via Crucis

For string quartet, 2021

Znów wędrujemy

For 3-voice mixed choir and piano, 2020

Stabat Mater

For three soloists, mixed choir and symphony orchestra, 2020

Missa de Beata Maria Virgine Consolatrix Afflictorum

For mixed choir and string quartet, 2020

Salve Regina

For mixed choir, 2020

Sub Tuum Praesidium

For mixed choir, 2020

Regina Caeli

For mixed choir, 2020

Ave Regina Caelorum

For mixed choir, 2020

Alma Redemptoris Mater

For mixed choir, 2020


For mixed choir, 2020

Ave Maria

For mixed choir, 2019

Ave Maris Stella

For mixed choir, 2019

Oratio ad Sanctum Michael Archangele

For men's choir, brass orchestra, cellos and double basses 2019

Fanfara „Bogurodzica”

For brass orchestra, 2019

Nokturn Des-dur

For piano, 2019

Pone me ut signaculum

For mixed choir, 2019

Ave Maria

For soprano and piano, 2019

Little Mass in G major

For three soloists, mixed choir and orchestra, 2019

Stała Matka Boleściwa

Piece for soprano or tenor and piano, 2017

Hej, w dzień narodzenia

For mixed choir, 2021

Litania Loretańska

For mixed choir and string quartet, 2020


For men's choir, cello and percussion, 2020

Królu wszechwładny

For mixed choir, 2020

Bosy pastuszek

For solo soprano and piano, 2019

Neapolitan Song - P. Tchaikovsky / O. Suslov

For three accordions, solo flute and orchestra, 2019

Sicilian Tarantella

For three guitars and orchestra, 2019

Wśród nocnej ciszy

For mixed choir, 2019

Cicha noc

For mixed choir, 2018

Gdy śliczna Panna

For mixed choir, 2018

Noc cudna, noc piękna


Rozkwitały pąki białych róż

For solo soprano and piano, 2018

O mój rozmarynie

For solo tenor and string orchestra, 2018

Marsz strzelców

For choir and orchestra, 2018


For choir and orchestra, 2018


For choir and orchestra, 2018

Heroldowie z nieba

For solo tenor, choir and string orchestra or organ, 2017

Pocieszycielka Strapionych

Sheet music of fifteen pieces